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In these pages you will find the latest information about Flugkapitän Erich Warsitz, such as documentaries, the German Post Office commemorative stamp issue, literature and more! Under the Archive - tab you'll find rare historical videos, audio commentaries, dedications & witty anecdotes ...


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Proper Television (Toronto) produced a documentary series for Discovery Channel Canada titled "Inventions that Shook the World". One of the inventions is the jet engine and its first flight, made by Captain Erich Warsitz in the Heinkel He 178.

The series will begin airing on Discovery Channel Canada this July. The first episode to air will be the 1940's episode which includes the "Jet Engine" story. The airdate for this episode will be Wed. July 13, 2011.

Check out as well Discovery Channel Canada


Historical Videos

Have a look at some very rare and historical videos, such as the world's first jet flight and early rocket experiments of Wernher von Braun or Hellmuth Walter, as well as many others like the Me 163, Me 262 and He 280. Furthermore many contemporary aviation related videos. You'll find them on this website and under Archive...

Aviation Calendar

German publisher Köhler & Mittler Verlag is presently producing the new Aviation Calendar 2012. The new theme is called "Hans Pabst von Ohain", featuring also Erich Warsitz and his world's first jet flight with Ohain's jet turbine He-S3-B on August 27, 1939.

New Book Translations

So far Erich Warsitz' story has been published in English, French and German. The success of the book "The First Jet Pilot" relies on its informative, exciting and spellbinding read, and so comes that other publishers are interested to translate it in other languages. Negotiations are in progress and we will post any news as soon as they come available.


AERO 2011 - Friedrichshafen

The AERO 2011 takes place at the Messegelände in Friedrichshafen from Wednesday April 13 to Saturday April 16, 2011. This year the industry’s leading exhibition will feature more exhibitors and many new aircraft with electric, fuel cell and hybrid power trains, as well as the first ever Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize. Read more...

On the agenda of the Cinema AERO 2011 (sponsored by Jahr Top Special Verlag) a series of aviation short films will be shown daily, amongst others for example the world's first jet flight made by Flight Captain Erich Warsitz at the controls of the Heinkel He 178.



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